Atomic overlay

Atomic overlay of a hybrid L and Q’ precipitate

Welcome to the AutomAl 6000 home-page!

AutomAl 6000 is a stand-alone software tool for semi-automatic labelling of HAADF-STEM images of precipitates in the 6xxx aluminium alloys, developed as a part of my master-project in physics at NTNU. Main features include:

  • Basic column detection

  • Column characterization algorithm

  • Flexible statistical modelling

  • Atomic graphs for user interactions with the structure data

  • GUI

  • Imports dm3, TIFF and AtoMap file formats

  • Exports csv, png and svg file formats

  • Open-source

To find out more about the underlying methodology, take a look at the master thesis, or the AutomAl 6000 paper in Ultramicroscopy, available under the links section.

To get started with AutomAl, check out the guides provided on this web-site, or the youtube tutorial-series, also under the links section.